Surprising On Set Facts From Filming ‘Wayne’s World’


Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent!

Oh, Wayne’s World. You have so many great quotes, I might as well just recite the whole movie. From unforgettable one-liners to hilarious and impressive cameos, this movie has it all. But how much do you really know about Wayne’s World? I’ve pulled together a bunch of little-known facts about this epic movie for your enjoyment!


1. Despite the success of the film, the studio originally didn’t fully understand the concept. Um, the concept is pretty clear.

2. Dreamweaver: Especially​ for the movie, a new version of “Dreamweaver” was recorded. It was done by Gary Wright.

3. Laughing Fit: The laughing scene in this movie was great. But it was totally unscripted, and the director decided to tape the two stars laughing from exhaustion on their last day of filming.