The 11 Most Inappropriate Kids’ Toys of All Time


10.”X”, As In The Last Sound In…

This Phonics Bus is a great little wheeled toy that works a lot like the Speak And Spell in that it teaches kids the letters of the alphabet, how to read, how to sound them out and what each letter sounds like in a word. For example, “S” is a letter that makes the sound “sssss”, as in the first sound in Ssssssnakes!

“X” is a letter that has many uses. But mostly, we use it at the end of words. For example “X” makes the sound like at the end of the word… wait.

Sounds like it’s trying to say “Box” and failing miserably. Bad audio in kids’ toys is (and was) to blame for VERY many a silly travesty like this. There are endless videos of people mishearing certain children’s toys with voices, but they all fall pretty flat. For any Speak And Spell swearing, you really have to be searching for it. Same with most of the other videos on the internet.

This one, on the other hand, can’t be missed. “X”. You know, like the end of the word…

11.Mr. Bucket

This toy first appeared in 1993, and even a seven-year-old could tell something wasn’t right with it. It’s not clear what Hasbro was thinking when they dreamed this up, but here’s the likely evolution of it:

Name: Mr. Bucket (fine) => Catchphrase: Buckets of fun (genius) => Function and appearance: You toss balls into the top, (okay?) and the balls get spit out his mouth (WTF?!?).

As of a few years ago the toy has been officially discontinued, but for about a decade no one bothered to tell the toy makers that they should investigate; probably because it was way too funny.