The 21 Coolest Happy Meal Toys of All Time

 In 1979, McDonald’s changed the game permanently by introducing the Happy Meal. They’d given out toys before that landmark year, but as the ’80s dawned, it got extra real with your cheese burger, with new toys entering the rotation on a regular basis.Put your nostalgia cap on and prepare to grab something from the Dollar Menu later—after you revisit your childhood via these toys, you’ll definitely be craving some Mickey D’s. Here are the 20 coolest Happy Meal toys of all time.

1. Inspector Gadget

These figures and gagets were included in Happy Meals to promote the 1999 live action Inspector Gadget movie starring Matthew Broderick.  There’s actually some pretty cool gadgets that came with the meal, as you can see from this commercial.

2. DuckTales

These DuckTales toys are cool, but they really should have made a Happy Meal that came with a free Money Bin.

3. Aladdin

McDonald’s put these toys in their Happy Meals in conjunction with the 2004 special edition release of Disney’s “Aladdin” movie.  Unfortunately, the Genie figure lacks the ability to transform into a sassy hairdresser.

4. A Bug’s Life

Usually, finding bugs in your Happy Meal would be a huge problem.  But in this case, it’s perfectly acceptable for some reason.

5. The Real Ghostbusters

After the success of “The Ghostbusters” movies, TWO different Ghostbuster-based cartoon series were made.  One was simply called “Ghostbusters,” but was actually based on a 1975 live-action TV show of the same name and had nothing to do with the movie.  The second was “The Real Ghostbusters,” which was based on the movies, and not surprisingly, was a way more successful cartoon.  So successful that McDonald’s made a Real Ghostbusters Happy Meal in 1987, with toys including the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man seen above.

6. Super Mario Bros.

You could get all these figures from a Happy Meal, but if you were hoping to find the Princess, you’d have to look for her in another Happy Meal.

7. Batman: The Animated Series

In 1993, McDonald’s came out with toys based on “Batman:  The Animated Series.”  Of course, while they had the toys they had to change the name of the Happy Meal to the Dark and Depressing Meal.

8. Garfield

For a cat known for being lazy, these Happy Meal toys show Garfield being surprisingly active.