The New Careers of These Actors Will Ruin Your Childhood


Steve Burns – Homicide Life on the Street

We all remember Steve from Blues Clues, the dopey guy who couldn’t figure out the common link between a magic wand, magician’s hat, and a carrot without the help of screaming 3-year-olds. So, it was totally bizarre to see him show up on an episode of Homicide Life on the Street as a nerdy student who shot his bully dead in cold blood. If I were him, I would’ve skidoo’d right out of that courtroom.

Jodie Sweetin – Pants Off Dance Off

Middle children never get enough attention. That must explain why Jodie Sweetin, Full House‘s Stephanie Tanner, decided in 2007 to host one of the most bizarre shows on cable TV, Pants Off Dance Off. That show consisted solely of people slowly stripping off all their clothes while a music video plays behind them. Go to your room, Steph. Danny Tanner would be so disappointed.

Alisa Reyes – Playboy Radio host

Alisa Reyes was more of a background character on All That, never having a breakout role. Now, she gets all the attention as (we kid you not) a host of Playboy Radio on Sirius XM. We expect her to tickle our ears with the erotic tales of Baggin’ Saggin’ Mary any day now.