These Snacks You Loved From The 90s That Everyone Will Remember


The 90s were full of great snacks that you absolutely loved!  Also, there were so many to choose from and this list below will certainly take you back to those days when you could wake up and eat what you wanted, take what you wanted for lunch and finish off the day with yet another great snack that you wanted!  Literally, nothing was off limits and you were glad for it!  Take a look at this list and get ready to go back to your childhood:

1. Dunkaroos.

Tasty crackers dipped in frosting and sprinkles.

2. Shark Bites.

Chewy goodness.

 3. Squeezit.

These were great to take with you anywhere.

4. Fruit Stripe.

Each color was a different flavor.

5. Wahoos!

This came in different flavors and each of them were yummy.