These Epic 90s Toys Will Remind You That 90s Kids Had The Best Childhood


Our favorite toys that we had and wish we had! The 90’s really was that awesome..

1. Forbidden Bridge

You were extra adventurous if you played Forbidden Bridge while watching Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nick. That is, if you could manage to assemble it (STILL easier than setting up Mouse Trap, though!)

2. Skip It

“Cause the very best thing of all? There’s a counter on this ball!”. Actually, the very best thing was that it got kids to exercise. My calves need to write them a thank-you letter.

3. Sock’Em Boppers

They’re still around, but now they’re called Socker Boppers. Sock’em Boppers answered the age old question, “How do I let my kids punch each other while still not looking like a horrible parent?”