19 Extreme Sour Candies Will Make Your Mouth Tingle

 These candies come with a seriously sour bite. Can you handle it?

1.Sour Patch Kids

A movie theater staple that’s sour enough to give you a jolt but sweet enough to be universally palatable. However, if you feel like punishing your tastebuds, go ahead and eat all the white sour dust that collects at the bottom of the bag. Just make sure to film your reaction.

2.Cry Baby

These bubblegum balls are coated with so much sour goodness, crying is almost inevitable. In a 1992 Chicago Tribune article, adults compared the taste to “laundry detergent,” but kids loved the challenge aspect to it. “We’ve gotten letters from children all over the country telling us how much they love Cry Babies,”  said Carol Parrott, spokeswoman for Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. “One entire classroom of children in Oregon made a 6-foot-long banner on their computer that said Cry Baby, and they all signed it.”

3.Skittles Sour

Fair warning: If you pop a handful of Skittles Sour like you would the original, your mouth will be a little upset with you. Taste the sour rainbow at your own risk.