These Sweets You Know When You’re 70s Child


This is the page hated by dentists but loved by the rest of us, and it’s guaranteed to bring back some fond childhood memories.

Indulge yourself on this nostalgic page featuring retro sweets where you can buy many of the products featured directly from Amazon and relive your childhood. It’s all now labelled as “junk food”, of course, and we are forever being preached at to stop eating what we enjoy – who can resist when it tastes so wonderful!

1. True Lipsticks looked like:

2. And there were lollipops who told you once, after which they taste:

3. At the kiosk, there were mice Speck:

4. And filled with effervescent powder UFOs:

5. But from those here You would prefer daily ne whole rod had:

6. Just like Double Dip: