21 Things About Video Games Kids Today Will Never Experience

No matter how advanced video games get, there will always be goofy accessories sold to make you look stupid while playing them.

1. Game Boy Booster Boy

The entire point of the original Game Boy is that it was a portable version of the NES. It wasn’t exactly small by today’s standards, but it was definitely portable. The Booster Boy apparently exists to negate all that by making your Game Boy about ten times bulkier and more unwieldy.

2. Wii Car Adapter

People like to play video games on the go which is why the Game Boy was invented. What they don’t do is play console video games on the go, since that requires a television and a decent amount of space. Now take all that and add the Wii, a console which actually requires you to jump around and use your body to play and you can see why the Wii car adapter is both an unsafe and stupid accessory.

3. Kinect Game Boat

The Xbox Kinect system is designed to free players from having to use controllers or any other equipment. Ignoring all that, the Kinect Game Boat is an inflatable raft you’re supposed to stand in to play the river rafting portion of the game, Kinect Adventures. Having completely missed the point of the Kinect, the makers churned out a very substandard product which not only makes the game much harder because it doesn’t give you enough room, but also apparently smells really bad.