What Ever Happened To Fruitopia, The Grooviest Drink Of The ’90s?


Those of us who remember this tasty drink are probably wondered what happened to all this goodness. It was the go-to drink for a long time and each flavor was a utopia on our taste buds. Now, let’s find out what happened to this awesome drink from the past:

1.This is what it first looked like.

Many of us will remember it in this bottle the most:

2. Too much like Snapple?

It was created by the Coca Cola company but after its release in 1994, it has been said to be nothing more than a Snapple knock-off with an article in New York Times saying, “There’s no question Fruitopia is very much of a me-too . . .It’s basically a Snapple knock-off.”

3. Room for a new market?

Even if is was similar in taste to Snapple, it definitely appealed to a different audience of people such as a more psychedelic market with its kaleidoscope of colors and hippy music.