What Your Favorite 1960s Women Look Like Now.


Sophia Loren

The first actress to win an Academy Award for a foreign language film, Sophia Loren is an Italian actress famous for her roles in films like Two Women, It Started in Naples, and Yesterday. She has won numerous awards for her roles, and still acts today.


Stefania Sandrelli

An Italian actress widely admired known for her beauty, Stefania Sandrelli has a legacy of Italian cinematic roles and is well known for her roles both comedic and erotic films. Her film career was launched in 1961 with the film Divorce, Italian Style,which was directed by the well-known Pietro Germi. Stefania went on to work with Germi several more times, most notably in Seduced and Abandoned and L’immorale. She has won multiple awards, including the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at the 62th Venice Film Festival, and she was even given knighted by the prestigious French group Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Stefanie has also been admired for her ability to age gracefully and still get interesting acting roles, and she was most recently seen in the Italian TV series Non è stato mio figlio.



Born in Sweden, Ann-Margret is best known for her role on Bye Bye Birdie. However, she actually had a successful singing career as well! She was billed as a female Elvis Presley in the 60s, and the two actually had a brief romance that turned into a lifelong friendship. Ann-Margret won and was nominated for many awards over the course of her career, and she most recently won an Emmy for her guest appearance on Law & Order!