Who Remember This Popular Item In 1970’s.? What Did You Make With This.?


Sure, if you compare it to the technology introduced in recent years, the Fisher Price Movie Viewer looks pretty darn antiquated. But for a youngster growing up in 1973, the idea of being able to play your own movies on a handheld device, wherever and whenever you wanted, was cutting-edge stuff.

It’s no surprise that a device as magical as this would come from the toy designers at Fisher-Price; they already had plenty of experience when it came to creating innovative optical-based toys for young children. The Movie Viewer, geared for 3-10 year-olds was a simple but nifty device.

Looking a bit more like a crème colored ray gun than a movie camera, the front of the device accepted cartridges that you could buy separately, each containing a short film clip. The film was illuminated thanks to a little window that could be held up to any light source. Simply look through the viewer and start cranking the arm on the side and, voila, your very own movie screening.